Posted On: November 18, 2020

David Duryee Webinar on Dec. 8th-Let's Get Serious About Profitability

Posted On: October 23, 2020

Webinar with David Duryee on 10/27 at 10AM--Let's Get Serious About Planning: Where are you going in 2021?

Posted On: September 08, 2020

FMCSA Regulatory Updates/DP3 Proposed Rule Changes for 2021

US TRANSCOM DOD Stop Movement Adjustment 20-0074

As reported by AMSA:


On April 13, US TRANSCOM issued an update acknowledging that the Stop Movement Order created a significant operational and administrative burden for TSPs.


USTRANSCOM has approved a 10% adjustment to shipments processed during the Stop Movement Order timeframe.


This adjustment applies to shipments that were previously awarded to a TSP but cancelled or otherwise withdrawn from the TSP before the shipment was serviced as a result of implementing the Stop Movement Order. This adjustment also applies to all shipments awarded to a TSP during the Stop Movement Order period and serviced by that TSP. This adjustment does not apply to local moves, Non-Temporary Storage-Retrograde shipments, Direct Procurement Method and One-Time Only shipments.


The full advisory with guidance on how to invoice for the 10% adjustment can be found here